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5 Ways to Extend Your Resources

This may not be an ideal time for everyone to start creating new habits but sometimes life can take a sharp turn and you get forced to be creative and resourceful. I was thinking about how so many households had working parents and this may not be something that they are used to at all. A lot of people are either laid-off work or are on a shutdown for several weeks, forced to homeschool their kids at this time. I am speaking from point of view of a stay at home Mom, where I have to think through my weekly routine and my meal planning two weeks at a time. Regardless if you have children or not, these 5 tips are for you:

1. Create Schedules & Lists

It may sound ridiculous to make lists and schedules when you're technically quarantined at home and have no where to go. This may take a few days or a week to figure out for your family, but trust me, it will help you be productive. Making schedules and lists for your family will not only keep you sane but also keep your kids pre-occupied and on top of their school work. A few months ago I purchased a large dry erase calendar and I keep it where everyone can see it. Clearly my kids are not old enough to read but it helps me see everything visually. I usually sit down once a month to fill out my calendar. Sunday or Monday I make my weekly lists with chores that I need to do around the house, and then if I need to, I make daily lists on my phone to help me stay on track and not distracted. Time is a resource that should be valued and strategically spent. In order to achieve great things, you must learn to discipline yourself and use your time wisely. (even in this uncertain time)

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2. Ration Your Food

This can be a hard one to stick to because when you are stuck around the house, you look through your pantry and fridge quite often. Am I right or am I right? lol If you have kids, this can be especially hard. I recently came across a Mom who shared on her page how she created baskets for her kids with all of the snacks that they can have for the day. So once the snacks are gone out of their personal basket, they cannot have anything else. I thought this was genius. If you're one of those adults that needs a little more accountability, maybe set a basket aside for yourself and do the same. Sometimes we don't even realize how much we eat because a lot of us eat around the TV or a media device. Be more intentional with eating and make sure that your tv and your phone are put away so that you can focus on your meal.

3. Do Laundry Only Once a Week

I have shared this tip quite often on my blogs and social sites, but that just means that I strongly believe and follow this step myself. I do laundry once a week. I don't care how big your family is, you can still follow this tip as well. Pick a day out of a week to do the laundry. With us as a family of four, I usually do our dark and white wash on Sundays or Mondays. I do three loads on the weeks that I wash our towels and our sheets. There are times that I do a middle of the week load and its because of an accident with my kids. One of the things that I was taught early on was to do my own laundry as a young adult. So even if you have a large family, start involving your kids in doing their own laundry. Set a basket in their room and teach them to keep up with it. I know that as a parent, it sometimes seems easier to do it yourself but you are making it harder for them and you in the long run. My kids are young but they are aware of what I do with their clothing. I make them put their dirty clothes into the basket. The way kids start to take on more responsibility is by working around the house. They may complain about it but they will thank you when they get older.

If you find it difficult to follow this tip, it could mean that it is time to declutter. I personally have two small drawers for each of my kids with an exception a few dressy outfits in the closet. It is easier to keep up with and I know exactly what I have. I use less detergent and that means that I don't have to buy it as often. Time saved, money saved, electricity, and water! BOOM!!!

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4. Skip the Extra Products

Lets be honest, it is hard to not come home with extra goodies from the store. (Let's just blame it on Target lol) When you walk through the 'dollar wall' or the home section or the beauty department, it is really difficult to restrain yourself from picking up that extra $5 bottle of lotion or the cute vase that keeps calling your name. We are being marketed to subliminally. It is someone's job to sell. (They're doing a pretty good job lol) Don't get me wrong, sometimes, I treat myself to a new product, but I have been more intentional about finishing up the product that I already have or just talk myself out of something that is not an essential item. Clean out your drawers and you'll be amazed at the amount of items that you have hiding that is not being used. Sure, it is not the latest trend or not the latest product, but this is a way that you can make sure that you stay on budget that you have set aside for the items that you really need. Even when it comes to certain laundry products, they are not necessary.

For example, I used to use fabric softeners until I found out how toxic they are and how they can be so bad on your skin. It took a months to get used to our clothes feeling different but in the long run we made a healthier choice as well as stopped spending money on an item that is really not necessary. It might sound like something that you cannot give up, but change is good especially when it is for the better! You got this:)!

5. Eat At Home

If you purchase groceries every week or two weeks, don't go out to eat. If you go out to eat more often than don't buy groceries. We end up wasting so much food because it ends up going bad before we are able to utilize it and in the end we're throwing away money. Although, I wouldn't recommend eating out all of the time, I know that everyone has a different way of living and maybe you found a healthy and non-expensive way to eat out everyday. We personally try to go out only a handful of times per month and the rest of the time, we eat at home. When it comes to larger families, this makes it a lot easier to keep your thumb on your budget because we all know that bringing a group of people to eat at a restaurant can be pricey. I personally prefer to go out less frequently but to a more expensive restaurant that serves quality food rather than fast food which is so unhealthy for you.

I know that this can be a very challenging time for so many people not only mentally but also financially, this is why I wanted to share some of these tips with you and help you to re-strategize with your family. I pray that you find this time to regroup, refocus, and lean on each other.

Much Love and Stay Safe!

Create Coleture, Be YOU,

Viktoriya Cole

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