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Almond Milk Recipe

Since I switched to making my own plant based milk, I haven't looked back. This recipe is easy, simple, delicious and most importantly healthy with just a few simple ingredient.

New Year comes with new changes. For me I decided to make my own almond milk from scratch instead of buying from the store. So below is a walk through video of how I make my almond milk.

>>>>Also, some of the things that I didn’t mention in the video, is that you can add about a half of cup of filtered water to the strained almonds just so you can extract as much milk out of it as possible. (after you strained the blended mixture as much as possible)

>>>>If you are planning to use vanilla extract instead of the vanilla bean, add about 1 teaspoon to the two cup almond ration. I personally like the vanilla bean better.

>>>>Optional: You don’t have to peel the almonds after they stay in water over night. I personally can tell the difference and actually think that the almond peel makes the almond milk more bitter. You can try both ways and see if you notice a big difference.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please list them below.

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Viktoriya Cole

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