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Baby Must Haves From The Minimalist's Perspective

I thought I was a minimalist until I had a baby. When I first registered for a baby registry, I looked through the store's suggested list and I was overwhelmed. There are so many things that you 'think' you may need. I decided to list out a few of my favorite items that I currently use. These are the key items that I use on daily basis. They've made my Mommy life a lot easier.

1. WubbaNub- This is a baby rubber pacifier with a little stuffed toy. Someone gave us a little lamb and we've used it ever since Mila was born. I've noticed that the toy is very comforting for a baby because there is that feeling of something soft and lightweight and it's something that she can grab on to as well. It is also easier to find when you're traveling. Since the lamb was white, it got dirty pretty quickly, so I decided to buy her another one. I purchased the fox. It is super modern and trendy and is definitely a must have item.

2. Munchkin Bottle Warmer- I know that there are people that are strictly breast-feeding and that is great. I started to bottle feed Mila with my breast milk, therefore I needed a good bottle warmer that was easy to use. I've seen really good reviews in regards to this model. It is within a $30 price range and is really easy to use. I like that it has a pull-out rack. The settings are really easy to use. I've looked through several models and found that this one was the best for the price.

3. Munchkin Baby Food Feeder- This is a great product to use when your baby starts teething or when you introduce

your baby to foods. I bought this for Mila since she started teething. I read that people placed frozen breast milk ice cubes in it and let their baby suck on it. Even though my baby is just learning to handle items, I've noticed that it really helped her when she was frustrated with her gums. The only negative thing that I have to say is that it is super hard to open. It's almost parent proof. LOL

4. Bath Essentials- I have tried so many different soaps while bathing Mila. I've noticed that they were really drying on her skin. The next day she would have dry patches all over her legs. I decided to try Burts Bees Shampoo and Body Wash. I love the fresh smell and I noticed that Mila was not as dry after using this product. I started to use that soap to wash her with and then moisturize her with the multipurpose ointment. The price range is definitely on the high side however it has a consistency of a vaseline. A little bit of that product goes a long way, therefore it lasts a long time. It is also a great cream to use on the bum. It is definitely a great natural product to use on your baby.

5. Boon Drying Rack- I love a modern sleek style. That is one thing that I didn't want to have in my house is a bunch of colorful items. I wanted to have more gender-neutral items since we are planning to have more kids, that way I can reuse those items. This rack works great for drying bottles. I also purchased a tree attachment piece so that I can hang the bottle nipples or small breast pump parts to dry. It is super cute and functional. 

6. Bottles- Since I was bottle feeding my baby girl, I needed to find really good bottles. I've done a lot of research before I purchased these bottles. I have been using these Latch bottles by Munchkin for over 3 months and they have worked out perfectly. Mila had only two fits over gas during this period of time. I know that all babies are different but I do believe that using these bottles specifically, really eliminated a lot of gas issues for my baby. It has a small plug at the bottom of the bottle which helps to eliminate any access air and forced her to release the latch from time to time. I also noticed that when my baby would suck it too quickly the nipple will almost start to invert which forced her to let go of the nipple and take a small break. I bought two small bottles and a large bottle and I am very happy with this product. I also asked for some Medela storage bottle through my Target registry. The caps have days listed on them so you can pop the lid upwards and select which day you pumped the milk so you are able to store it in the fridge and know how long it has been. Just FIY, breast milk is good in the fridge for 5 days. Since I breastfeed with the bottle, I have to stay ahead of her, this is why these storage bottles were very helpful for me to keep up with my milk supply. 

7. Toys & Style- One of the things that I always told myself is that I will not allow my kids to have too many toys. I grew up playing with paper dolls. Yes, I am an old soul. I love items that can actually multitask. That means I love when a toy can be a stylish piece as well as serve its purpose and that is to entertain the baby. (at least for a little bit) I found this super cute Etsy shop that makes these cute and modern stuffed foxes. Check her shop out on Etsy called The Decor Room. It is definitely a statement piece for your baby's nursery. There are so many fabric selections, that you will for sure have one to match your nursery. Lately, Mila has been moving around her crib quite a bit and since she sleeps on her own through the night, there are times when I find her right by the rails of the crib or in one of the corners. I actually love to put soft plush toys in Mila's crib so that she doesn't end up hitting her head on the rails or get stuck in the corners. This toy is defintily one of the must-haves.

8. Best Baby Swing- The last item that I have on my list is a MamaRoo swing. Yes, it is expensive. Even though they have 3 different kinds, we go the top one. It has 5 different movement settings as well as different sounds that you can play to soothe your baby. When Mila was just a few weeks old, I would let her take naps in that swing. My biggest concern was that she would get used to the motion and would always want to be rocked. It is definitely not the case. (at least not for her) I love the modern style and the fact that it is not as bulky. I think Mila enjoyed it as well. Since Mila is going on 4 months now she is getting pretty tall and therefore tries to sit up when I would lay her down. I started using the MamaRoo as a chair since you are able to adjust the position of the actual portion where the baby lays. Overall, it has been a useful device to have since the baby was soothed and I was able to get some housework done. I know that my baby is pretty independent so I can only speak for myself, but my oldest sister had her third child and she told me that it has been an absolute lifesaver. Even though it does say that it is not to be used as a bed, in some instances, Mommys and Daddys 'gotta do what we have to do' to get some sleep and sanity. I see it as an investment. It is pretty lightweight and very easy to use. I would have to give this swing a two thumbs up.

PS Comment below and let me know which of these items have you used and what did you think of them. I would love to hear your pros and cons.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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