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Baby Traveling Essentials

This is our first time flying with Mila. (6 months young) I am a little bit nervous because it's a 2-hour flight and I am just not sure how she's going to react! Let's pray and hope for the best! I've been researching and reading articles to help me figure out what to bring. It's a little bit different than driving since I can't bring a lot of the items that I use at home unless I am planning to check everything in. So I thought I would create a pinnable list for you of my top 12 carry on items. You can also scroll to the bottom and click on the item to purchase it for yourself. Just a quick disclaimer, these items are specifically for children under one. I am sure that flying with a toddler brings about a whole different ball game. 

1. Extra Milk- If you're breastfeeding via bottles, make sure to bring a few frozen packs with you just in case. I know that when I am a bit anxious, I produce less milk. This a good way to ensure that you have plenty for your baby. You might have to check with the airline that you're flying with in regards to breast milk regulations. We are flying Delta. They support breastfeeding on board as well as bringing extra milk with you for your baby. From what I read, it says that it's better to let the TSA know when you are going through the check-in line that you have milk. (it actually stated that they will probably bring you ahead of the line) 

2. Johnson's Baby Wipes- I am not a germaphobe but I do want to make sure that I protect my baby since we're going to be around a lot of people for a few hours. I found these at Target, but you can pick these up your favorite ones at your local store.

3. Boon Trip Travel Drying Rack- Speaking of being sanitary, I really love this traveling rack that includes brushes for you to travel with. This is not only perfect for your carry on but also perfect for your final destination.

4. Rinse & Roll Bib- This bib is so helpful when your baby is just learning to nibble on snacks. All Moms know how messy that process can be. You can definitely rinse this bib out after your baby nibbles on some snacks and if you don't have access to the sink, you can always throw it into a ziplock bag to wash later. 

5. Favorite Snacks- The snacks that I included on the pinnable list are called bybliki. You can find these in European stores. This is a great snack because it's harder than regular crackers. This are perfect for teething babies, plus it keeps them occupied longer and it is not as messy.

6. Travel Baby Wipe Pack- This is definitely an essential item when it comes to those diaper changes that happen pretty frequently. 

7. 3 Sets of Zip Onsies- Even though we are traveling in the Summer, I like to dress Mila in warmer clothing. Airports and airplanes can be pretty chilly so these onesies are perfect comfortable apparel for your baby to lounge in. Think of it as your favorite hoodie and favorite pair of leggings. Another benefit of dressing your baby in these onesies is keeping your baby's skin protected from a lot germy surfaces. As soon as you get to your destination, I would give your baby a bath and change the onesie. (of course) I call it, washing off the people germs! :)

8. Zip Lock Bags- These come pretty handy for soiled clothing. They lock in the smell. If you end up with a blowout and have to throw those baby clothes back into your bag, then you are sure to protect all other items from getting dirty and smelly. 

9. Warm Blanket- I know that your airline provides blankets but I prefer to have my own. This is just in case your baby takes a nap. Plus you won't have to call a stewardess.

10. A Stack of Diapers- Every Mom knows that any time you don't have enough diapers, accidents are sure to happen. So make sure to bring enough diapers to cover those accidents. 

11. Pacifier- This is definitely an essential item for your baby to serve its soothing purpose. I remember that time we went out for a few hours and we forgot the pacifier. Mila was crying the whole way home. She is used to having it while she falls asleep or when she's tired so this is definitely a must have. We use a wabba nub which just has a stuffed animal attached to the end of the pacy.

12. Toys- These are perfect suction toys that you can stick on the table so they don't accidentally roll on the ground. Of course, you can sanitize the table with the wipes before you put them on the table. You can also use ziplock bags to keep them clean and organized in your bag.

Hope that you find this helpful. 

PS I was going to post this blog post before we left for our vacation but decided to wait and make sure that these were the items that really came in handy while flying with a baby!

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