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Boho & Mid-Century Inspired Girl's Room

As our kid's grow up and out of their clothes, we as parents have the responsibility of letting go a little bit more. There is this tug of war between getting them to do things on their own because you feel exhausted at times and the other feeling that if they learn how to do it on their own, they won't need or want your help. I guess this is a part of parenting. I think I have moved Mila's room around at least 4 times and I am pretty sure that I will probably do that a few more times as she moves from one stage to anther.

I was inspired to do this design by a wall mural that I saw on Instagram and thought it would be a fun project to do in Mila's room. I am all about mid-century but in Mila's room I have a little bit of a boho look going on as well. I think that there is definitely a way for you to mesh two styles together if you do it tastefully. I like a more structured look but boho gives it a more fun look.

One of my first projects was this feather light-shade. Not going to lie it took me a long time to make it because I made each individual feather and then had to brush them out, trim them, glue them on to a light-shade but the end result was pretty impressive. I like one of a kind pieces and this was definitely one of a kind.

Click Here To Watch My Short YouTube Tutorial On How to Make These Feathers.

The next project was a design on the wall. It started with a circle and then morphed into this design that I came up with. I traced a large mirror on the wall and then used painters tape for straight lines.

Then, finally I sold Mila's dresser that was also refurbished but it just started getting messy because she would dig in it to find her outfits. This was a way for me to give her independence while keeping everything organized, including her toys. I try to be pretty minimal with their toys and would rather them have book and puzzles instead. I created these box shelving which includes her mini closet with a door and a cute flower ceramic door handle. It's all about the details. I loved tying in some more of that pretty orange as well as the maroon color that we have in our hallway.

I had some leftover beige color so I decided to painted the insides that color to make the outside colors pop more. I bought pine pieces from Home Depot, measure them out, put the together. All of the shelving brackets and hinges I bought at Home Depot. The door knob I found at Hobby Lobby which usually has a sale going on all of the time and if not you can go to their site and pull up a 40% off coupon to use on a regular priced item.

Her mini closet is separated into tops, bottoms, and pajamas and then the basket on the right holds her panties and socks. She does have dressier clothes that are in the closet as well as winter items like sweaters and coats, but I usually get it for her when we need something nicer to go out in. Kind of a win win situation here. LOL

And just for the bonus view, I bought her this cute heart hook rack for her princess dresses, because lets be honest, a princess needs to have access to those at all times. LOL

Initially I made this dresser her height but I think she surpassed it while I was working on that. They grow up so fast. (low key crying over here)

We are proud of her. She's been such a great helper not only by taking care of herself, but helping her baby brother when he needs something.

This is the proof that with a little bit of paint, wood, and other craft material, you can make your child's space dreamy. The possibilities are endless... and my projects are too. LOL (I can almost see my husband's face when I say that.)

PS. I know not everyone wants to DIY everything like I do, so I linked a few items that are similar to the look of the room that I created.

Hope you guys liked this project. If so, comment below and let me know what part of the room is your favorite. :)

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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