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DIY | How to Make a Canvas Frame

Here is a simple way you can make your canvas prints stand out, make some canvas frames. Its easy and requires tools that most people have in their homes.

I wanted to make these prints a long time ago but I was looking for the right deals on larger canvas prints. I finally found them online during a Cyber Monday sale. I also looked for floating canvas frames online and in-store and they were either too pricey or were very over the top for my style. So of course, I head over to Home Depot to get the items to make my own frames. This project was about $30 for both of the frames, which was a third of the price of the frames that are sold online. I started to type up the steps but when i started reading them, I figured that it will be too hard to follow, so here is a video. :)

I enjoy writing/recording these blogs for you guys. Please help me do what I love by simply liking, commenting and/or sharing with your friend that may find this helpful.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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