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Cleaning Up The Earth Starts At Home

Did you know that USA dumps our trash into other countries? Even though I’ve been recycling since the beginning of the year, it still saddens me that our consumerism causes our environment and other people harm. We are in a place now where if we don’t drastically change our ways, the amount of waste in the ocean will equal to the amount of fish in the ocean by 2050. That is horrible to know that my children will be dealing with a major problem if more people do not become aware of this issue and start being a part of the solution by doing what they can to eliminate the use of plastics in their home. Since I started recycling, I am seeing first hand how much plastic my household recycles. I am learning how to buy products that are not packaged in plastic and I use my totes and small reusable bags to package smaller items. Another way to help with this problem is to purchase items that are packaged in recycled plastic or paper and avoid purchasing from brands and companies that don’t care about our environment. When enough people join forces and do these things, we will cause these companies to do better.

One of the companies that is contributing to the solution of this growing problem is called Blue Land. They created a forever cleaning bottle that can be used over and over again. USA alone throws away billions of cleaning bottles a year and that number is shocking considering all of the other items that we throw away on top of that. Plastics are dumped into the ocean, causing it to break down and we end up consuming these chemicals. In the end, we are harming our own selves.

Blue Land is changing that by making cleaning super simple and easy. Instead of going to the store and buying cleaning products, you can order a kit which comes with 3 dissolvable tablets. All you have to do is add water up to the fill line and drop in the tablet into the designated bottle. Let’s face it, all of us have a shelf full of cleaners right now. Just think of all of these bottles going into the trash and then being dumped somewhere to decompose. (BTW it takes a long time) We spend time going to the store and then purchasing a good cleaning product for at least $4. I am saying a good one because there are cheaper ones but with really bad ingredients in them that are not safe for you and your family. Blue Land cleaners are non toxic and safe. You can see the list of the ingredients for these specific products right here. So not only is what inside safe and non toxic but also the bottles are built to last. I love how modern and minimalistic they look. They spray with a nice fine mist and have an off and on setting just in case you have little kids around. I personally liked the pink and the yellow cleaner which were the bathroom and the multi-purpose cleaner. The pink smelled to me like fresh bubble gum and the yellow one like fresh lemons. Both worked really well on the surfaces that I cleaned. The blue one, which is a mirror and window cleaner, didn’t work as well as I would’ve hoped. It left streaks behind. (I tried several methods. Spraying on the surface and spraying on the paper towel and it was still leaving streaks behind.) Hopefully, they will work on this specific one and get it improved in no time. The good thing is that you can buy the whole kit of the forever bottles or you can buy them individually. Also, I would like to mention that the refills come in larger quantities and are only $2 each. That’s a great deal for a cleaner if you ask me. I will definitely be stocking up on the bathroom and the multi-purpose cleaner so that I can just make some more when I run out. It will save me a trip to the store and our money. So it’s a win win for you and for the environment.

I love supporting companies that care about the big picture and that is why I wanted to share this product with you. This is what the kit looks like when it comes in. (picture above) It’s a beautiful product that not only gets the job done in your house but also contributes to the overall solution to the problem that we are facing.

PS. I was given this product for a review. I am not getting paid to say any of this. I just love to share with you some of the ways that certain products benefit you and the Earth.

Comment below and let me know if you enjoy reading reviews or any other questions about this specific product.

Happy Cleaning :)

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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