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This project is probably a little more on the eclectic side of me. Sometimes I like to create things that not everyone might understand. (LOL) I knew for sure that when my Mom would come and see it, she would probably ask, why did I put a mop on my wall! I think I read her mind when I told her that. She said it looked very Native American and tribal, which is perfect because that was the look I was going for. So if you enjoy doing unique projects, here is one that you would like. I had a lot of fun creating it. 


*Clothesline String (I bought four packs of the off-white cotton like string so that the dye would soak in better and make it look more vintage (Walmart)

*One or Two Packets of Fabric Dye of Your Choice (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 each)

*One Huge Roll of Off-White Knitting String (I bought one from Hobby Lobby for $13. I still have the whole roll left since I just wanted to mainly use it to fill in gaps)(PS. Always use a 40% off coupon when shopping at Hobby Lobby. You can pull it up on their website)

*Thin Curtain Rod (I bought one from Walmart for $5.)

*Tarp or a Couple of Trash Bags

STEP 1 Double up on the clothes line string and loop along the rod. I created different lengths so it's not one straight line. 
STEP 2 Do the same thing with the knitting string and loop it between the looped clothesline loops. Do this until you reach the desired thickness. (If you don't do enough, then it will end up looking stringy and not as full, so be sure to take your time and loop enough of the string) 
PS. These two steps will take longest.
STEP 3 Prep your dye by following the instructions on the packet. Place the project on top of the tarp or trash bags so that you do not get your working space dirty and dip small sections of string at a time to create an ombre effect. I allowed that string to dry 3 times so that means I let the string dry 3 times, which was 3 days.
STEP 4 Once you reached your desired color, allow the string to fully dry. Then using a makeup sponge (wear gloves), place the gold paint onto selected strings to give it a bit more of a rustic and a vintage look.

STEP 5 Using the hooks that came with the rod, hang your art piece on the wall.
STEP 6 Because the clothesline has a shiny network of strings in the middle, once the string dries you will see the middle portion poke out. I went through string by string and cut those edges off to give the art piece a cleaner look. (I did this step once the art piece was hanging because it was easier to get to and it was an easier clean-up, unless you're hanging this piece where the floor is a carpet.)

PS I saw this idea on a picture so I created my own steps as I went since I didn't have any other instructions. It was a fun project and I had it finished right before Mila made her appearance. 

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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