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Fall Skincare Essentials & Anti-Aging Remedies

For those of you who do not know, I actually went to school for skin therapy. I never thought that I would be so fascinated with skincare. Partially my skin struggles had something to do with it. I've struggled with acne since I was 16 years old. I've tried so many different things including taking Rx antibiotics which only worked for some time until I took them and then had to continue to up my dose. Unfortunately, I absolutely regret taking the antibiotics because there are always side effects. Good news is that throughout those years I've learned to manage my skin by understanding what was going on. Some of you have heard that we have made a switch over to the 'vegan side.' I haven't been that vocal yet about it because we have been on this diet for a little bit over two months. What does that have to do with skin, you may ask? Everything! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it has phenomenal capabilities of protecting you not only from the outside but also from the inside. A lot of us do not realize that when something comes to the surface of our skin, it means that our body is fighting with something on the inside. I was a HUGE fan of cheese and dairy products. Because our food industry is pumping animals full of steroids and antibiotics, we get a dose of those injections as when we consume the products they produce. We have really worked to eat less dairy for the past year but decided to completely cut the meat as well out of our diet and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my skin.

I am a big advocate of skincare because I've struggled with skin issues pretty much half of my life. Because I've struggled and learned to manage, I love to teach others on some of the things that they can do to help their situation. For those of you who have had a baby, you've seen an incredible change not only in your body but your overall skin texture and look after giving birth. I am not necessarily referring to the stretch marks although that is one of them. I am referring to hormonal changes which caused your skin to break out. The dark spots that used to be light freckles are now dark blobs which cause uneven pigmentation of your skin. The struggle is real.

They say that once you hit your 20 mark that you should consider using anti-aging products. This is true because when you age, your skin cell turnover slows down which causes your skin to look dull and your wrinkles to appear deeper. So one of the reasons you see products with different kind of acids in them is that they all aid in exfoliating your skin and speeding up your skin cell turnover which in turn makes your skin appear supple and dewy instead of dull and dry.

Ryan and I have recently traveled to Charlotte and I went in to Walgreens to pick up some water and of course I stopped by the skin care aisle because my skin was going a bit crazy with the breakouts. (i got reprimanded for spending too much time there by my hubby lol) I found a Nip + Fab Serum which contained glycolic acid so I decided to pick it up to use that evening. It was like a miracle serum. That morning I noticed how my skin cleared up and I no longer had bumps coming up but instead they were healing. I was ecstatic so I ordered a cleanser and the mask by the same line that had glycolic acid.

I've been using these products for a few weeks now and I have noticed such a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My dark spots lightened up and my skin looks and feels more supple. I almost slapped myself and said 'DUH' that's what I learned in school and I cannot believe it took me that long to find a good product with glycolic acid that worked really well on my skin. I know that I've referred to this product helping my skin that has acne but glycolic acid is actually a great ingredient to have in your skin care products for aging skin for same purposes. It will help to lighten your dark spots, soften your fine lines and make your skin look supple and dewy.

Disclaimer: Using products with acids like glycolic makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so the fall is actually a great time to get your skin in top notch shape. Make sure that you wear a sunscreen and/or protective hat that covers your face.

PS. This was not a sponsored post. The opinion is solely mine after extensive use. Also when I find a good product, I always want to share it with you! Comment below if you have any other questions in regards to this product or any other anti aging skin care needs in general! :)

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Viktoriya Cole

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