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Father's Day Gift Guide & Easy Modern DIY

You know I am a DIYer at heart, so I had to make something for my hubby along with another gift that he's been wanting for a while now and that is the Apple AirPods. We usually try to be minimal when it comes to giving gifts to each other, but sometimes we are a bit more lenient. Ryan has been wanting AirPods for a while... He kept reminding me about it lol... So this Father's Day he not only got the AirPods but also a Father & Son t-shirt. I was able to find a shop on Etsy that was able to print LEGACY and LEGACY t-shirt decals. I wanted the E inverted so it looks unique and modern and she was able to do that as well.

Here's how to make these modern Father & Son t-shirts:

1. Find Black T-Shirts. You can find some that are relatively inexpensive at Hobby Lobby. They carry both adult sizes and kid sizes.

2. Order the logo via Etsy. Here is a link to the shop that I used.

3. Follow the instructions that you receive from the shop on the best way to iron it on. It was relatively easy to apply. I applied it to the back bottom of the t-shirt for a modern look. See pictures below.

There you have it! These turned out so good. My hubby really liked them. I am sure you will see the pictures on his Instagram. :)

Here are a few other things that I personally would get if you're looking for a gift for Father's Day. I think most men are relatively simple so I tried to pick things that can include several things that men may like. So anything from clothing to personal clean skincare and body care like Harry's. (Ryan has been on their razor subscription for a while now and he loves it because the blades come to our door every few months.) Also, I buy him their body wash which you can find at Target. It is more pricey than other body washes but it is a cleaner product that is healthier on the skin. I always say that you cannot put a price tag on your health. (this is not sponsored by the way)

I also personally like to support small businesses so a lot of the items that I selected are things I found on Etsy. You can shop these items by clicking on this guide.

I hope that this helps some of you out and most importantly I want you to know that the best gift you can give a Father is just being present and telling them what a great job that their doing. My Dad has been dealing with some health issues and he recently had brain surgery, so yeah I am definitely questioning my priorities and my approach to spending more time with my Father.

Happy Father's Day and much love!

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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