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First Two Month With Two Kids

Having children is a blessing. Having children also comes with its challenges, especially when you go from having one child to two. In this blog I share our experience with our transition from going from one kid to having two.

I know that a lot of people try to prepare as much as possible before having kids, but the truth is you're never prepared enough. I thought I was really prepared for Mila until she made her appearance. The first few months felt like a ton of bricks falling on top of me. Not to say that becoming a parent isn't a beautiful thing, I just didn't realize how hard it was going to be. I've learned to adjust my ways even though it's still something that I have to work on every day. Now we have two kids. There are times Ryan asks me, "Are we seriously parents of two kids?" Yep, we are! 

I have set my blogging aside for the past two months because I really needed to focus on the new baby and get in some kind of a routine. Now that I feel like we are moving at more of a steady pace, I've decided to pick blogging back up. Everyone has an outlet to keep themselves grounded and blogging happens to be mine. It's easy to lose yourself when you're always taking care of little humans 24/7. I've learned that if you need to get your workout in, take a bath or a shower, or get out of the house for a few hours, you should. You have to in order to stay sane. (Literally)

I find it funny, talking to other parents when they tell me how they went through the same thing. There are days when you just want to scream or run out of your house and not look back. If you're a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about and if you don't have any kids, please don't judge me. I'm just trying to be real here. 

Then there are those times you see your child smile, laugh and say their first words and it just melts your heart. How can this little human be so challenging to take care of some days and then at other times be an absolute angel? Realistically speaking, we are all human and even adults throw tantrums at times, just in different ways. I call it DRAMA.  :)

Mila has grown up over the past couple of months. She says a lot of different words and it's cute and scary at the same time. I'm not sure if I am ready for a talking toddler who's always loaded with lots of questions. Ready or not, that's the stage she is going through right now. She loves to kiss her brother and the other day she was trying to pick him up out of his bassinet because he was crying. She pushes the pacy in his mouth and then claps afterward. She definitely notices how I treat him because she has started to speak to him in a baby voice just like I do so that he would smile. It's super sweet and cute to watch.  She is very intelligent and I am proud to be her Mama. 

Tobias is a sweet and quiet little boy. He is the complete opposite of Mila accept for when he has a belly ache or is super hungry. Then he's super vocal. He's sleeping more throughout the night and that helps me to have more energy during the day since I get a little bit more sleep than the first month. I can't complain because I am blessed with two beautiful and healthy babies. 

I would say that I am a hard working person, but nothing in the world could've prepared me for this job. Everything can be so unpredictable. I told Ryan that some days I try my best to be productive but most of the time I feel like I'm taking 5 steps back. Instead of playing with her toys, she scatters them all over the place and then heads over to Mom's cabinets. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the mind of a child when they decide to flip over their sippy cup and drip it all over the floor or go into the bathroom and tear the tiniest pieces of toilet paper all over the place. I know that this is just a part of making memories, even though it doesn't feel like that at times. Nevertheless, we are grateful to be back in Greenville. We needed the help of our families and that's exactly what we received. Everyone has been so gracious these past few months and we are forever grateful for their help and their time. It really does take a village to raise kids.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs. Please let me know in the comments below what other topics would you want me to cover. 

Thank you for all of your support! :)

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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