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How To Make A Barn Door

I’ve posted a barn door blog almost 6 years ago and it still gets a lot of traction. Apparently people are really interested in making a barn door at home instead of spending a lot of money.

Here’s the link to my plywood barn door DIY.

This year I am working to renovate my Mom’s house and had an opportunity to make a barn door for her pantry using the door that she already had.

Here is how I did it:

Step 1

So this door was only 24 inches so I bought a 4 by 8 hardboard and had it sliced in half.

Step 2

Attach the hardboard to both sides by using wood glue and some nails.

I use my handy staple gun which also shoots out small nail. I believe I bought this one at Home Depot for $20. They should have these nails for sale right next to them.

Step 3

Patch using wood filler. (I had to patch the sides… you can skip this part if you’re using the primed door that was not prehung)

Step 4

Come up with trim design ideas. I sketched mine on my iPad and let my Mom pick one.

Here are some of the ideas that I had.

Step 5

Add the trim. I only used my nail stapler. No glue needed it your door is small and the trim that you are using is thin.

Step 6

Patch, Sand, and Paint

Step 7

Attach the hardware.

I found mine on Amazon. Here is the link. (very sturdy)

The handle I found at Home Depot.

The cost of this project was under $150. This includes the trim, the paint and the hardware. (Of course I didn’t need to buy a door, but I can give you a good tip if you’re starting from scratch)

Go to your local Lowes or Home Depot to the door section and find primed slab hollow doors that have not been prehung (means no holes for the the door handles). The largest door is about $50 (38inches) but the good thing is that it is already primed and you won’t need to do the extra steps of attaching anything else to it. (The hard board) Just trim it out, paint it the color that you like, and attach your hardware.

This is final look with the floors completed. I just love how it flows into the pantry. Best part of all is that you can keep the door opened during the day and close it off if you have company coming.

This is an easy solution that is inexpensive but also adds style and more dimension to the space.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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