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Master Closet Makeover On a Budget

Recently I‘ve been getting into little areas of our house that needed some attention and over time have caused some frustration. One in particular place was out master closet. I am definitely not complaining about the size of our closet because it is bigger than any closet we‘ve had before. The one big issue that I had with this closet was that it was not practical. The metal racks met in the corners and it was hard to stick anything in those areas without them being in the way so I decided to take the racks off and create a custom closet for us where it made it more organized and practical.

One problem with that idea was that I didn’t wan’t to spend a lot of money on this project, but still wanted it to look nice. Closets can be small but because there can be so many details in the closet, it all can add up.

I chose to do two strips going straight down. My plan was to use two pax systems from IKEA that can be customizable. You can add drawers or just simple shelves. I personally found two Pax units second hand on Facebook Marketplace so it made it a bit more cheaper.

This was our closet before. A lot of wire racks. I don’t have anything against the wire racks, these were just not practical.

There was lots of patching to do in between, but while the walls were drying, I was busy assembling the Pax systems, which I highly recommend assembling on the spot you’re going to have them in.

On my husband‘s side I wanted to hang as much of his clothes as possible. His side was a lot longer than mine so once I cut into the bottom trim and inserted and secured the Pax system to the wall, I measured the rest of the space to pick out a clothing bar that would be long enough. Of course because it was more of a floating bar, I needed to make sure that it was going to be very secure. I found these brackets/shelf supports at Home Depot for $5 each. I bought three. Used my stud buddy finder to find three studs. The clothing bar that I found was 96 inches. I had to cut about 4 inches off to fit in between. Once I attached the brackets to the studs, I had to test them out to make sure they are going to be sturdy. (It’s kid proof for sure lol)

Created a little arch art on the wall and attached a skinny mirror. You can find a quick DIY walkthrough of the arch wall tutorial below.

How to Draw a Wall Arch

This gives it an illusion of the space going somewhere farther beyond the mirror.

The lighting in this closet is not the best but it is definitely more organized. So by just using two Ikea Pax systems and added clothing bars, I was able to create an illusion of more space and still have room to add a bar to the left side for more clothes if I needed to.

One other thing that is not in this picture is a shelf over the left side clothing rack for upper storage. You can find closet shelves at Home Depot in the closet section or for longer pieces in the lumber section.

This was an overdue project and it has made our life so much better and more functional. The total cost of this project was under $400. Again, I bought the two Pax systems second hand but they are not that expensive at ikea and you can customize them any way you want. The additional clothing rack poles I found at Target for $12 each. (shorter size) The longer pole I bought from Lowes and then cut it with a metal hand saw. The last two things were the prefab white shelves. One on the shorter side and one extra long one on the long side.

Custom closets can be very expensive, but hopefully through this project you were able to get some ideas on how you can save money on creating a perfect closet space yourself and still make it look expensive on a budget.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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