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Modern Accent Panel Wall DIY

One way to elevate a space is to create an accent wall using trim. This has been the latest trend and I absolutely love it. No, not the old paneled sheets but trimmed out designs on a particular wall of a room or a living space. Here are some great examples.

I personally wanted to do this about a year ago but I think my husband was nervous about it so I ended up doing something else in that space. So this opportunity came up to redu our office space again and I decided that this space was perfect for this kind of project.

This was the two before pictures. I am saying two before pictures because there is one that shows that space when we first moved in and then the first time that I worked on it to create a better space for an office.


This is when we first moved in.

This was the setup that I did about a year into us living in this house, and then of course we decided to do this paneled wall.

I do have a talk through video on my YouTube channel with all the steps that I took to recreate this look as well and also some handy tools that were useful in this process and how I used each one. Nevertheless, for those that like to see everything visually, keep reading. :)

Here Is A Step By Step Walk-Through of This Project


Paint the entire feature wall before attaching any kind of trim to it.


Measure your wall on all four sides to get an idea of what your longest trim would have to be as well as an estimate of how many feet you may need to buy. (you can always return what you don't use) I personally went with a multi-purpose lattice. It's thin and the edges were straight instead of curved. You can even use a hand saw if you didn't have an electric one with this specific trim.


Trim out the wall around all four sides. I only did one side and the top because I realized that one of the sides was crooked and it was causing my planks to have an off angle by a couple of mm. (courtesy of a new home lol) I used a Stanley Electric Staple/Nail Gun. (15mm) Because this trim is so lightweight I didn't use construction adhesive, but I would highly recommend you to use it if you're using thicker and longer trim along with a nail gun. (just small dots down a plank will do)


For this specific design, I started with a lower corner by measuring out 8.5 inches from both sides of the angle. I marked it with a pencil and then leaned a smaller plank against those dots and marked off the angles. Cut and attached it to the wall. This method worked only with shorter lines. Once I got to the longer plank, I had to use my laser. (I talked more into detail on how I used the laser on my latest YouTube tutorial.) So again, I measured my planks to be at a distance of 8.5 inches apart from each other. This was a method that I used for diagonal lines and it worked pretty well. See Pics.


For my straight lines, I measured that same distance in between my planks, marked it with a pen on both sides, placed a plank against those dots, held a level against it to make sure it was leveled, marked the ends, made the cuts, and attached them to the wall.


I used spackling to patch up the connections in between planks. Allowed it to dry and then sanded it down with a sanding sponge. I use this specific one because when you first apply it, its pink and it turns white when its dry. (pretty handy indicator) You can pick it up at your local Home Depot.


To complete this modern accent wall, paint the planks the same color as the wall. This will give it dimension and really elevate it.



We're still looking for the right sleeper couch to place against this wall, but when we do I'll be sure to show it to you so that you can really see the dimension that this modern panel wall gives to a space like this.

This project cost me about $100. This was including the trim and all of the tools that I shared with you above. It took me a couple of days to complete this project because I only had a few hours each evening to work on it but I really think that you can knock this project out in a day.

I like how it turned out and I think that this is a great and inexpensive way to elevate a space. This is something that anyone can do at home with just a little bit of planning.

I hope that I answered your questions and that it will inspire you to recreate a space in your home or office space.

PS. Give this project a like and share it with a friend. :)

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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