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Peg Board Coffee Bar

This project was a bit of an ironic choice for a makeover project because I am fasting from coffee. This chick was chugging about 4-6 cups a day. Even though it's not expresso, it still affects me quite a bit. I told Ryan that I felt like an addict lol. (not in a good way) So I decided to cut myself off for about a week. I am not going to lie the first 2 days are pretty miserable, but I noticed a big difference if I drink lots of water and take a nap in the middle of the day, even if its 30 minutes. Nevertheless, this peg board was something I wanted to redo for a while. Now, that I added another color to the kitchen, I thought that this would be a great time to add them to the peg board as well and break the neutral flow off of the wall.

Even though I love working with wood and usually do projects like this peg board on my own, I had someone make it for me a while back. Honestly speaking, I didn't have the tools to make these cuts precise and plywood can easily chip if not done the right way, so I figured it would be more cost effective for me to order one from someone that has the tools instead of me doing trial and error. Since the person that I got this from doesn't take orders, I found a person on Etsy with great reviews that makes a very similar peg board to mine. (Linked it below.)


So this peg board came in its raw form. I decided to paint it white initially and leave the pegs that natural tone color. So this time around, I found stain that matched my cart and stained all of the pegs. Then I touched up the white paint, used painters tape to tape off sections, painted my sections the desired color, and allowed it to dry.

I decided to paint one shelf that beautiful forest green color that I brought into my kitchen recently and the top shelf I left white. This was the result.


Even though I am not enjoying a cup of coffee right now, I am glad to have another spot revamped. At least I can look at it. LOL

PS You can check out all of the items that I linked by clicking on the image below.

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Viktoriya Cole

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