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A Hugging Heart Card Craft With Your Kids

If you're looking for a fun crafty project to make with your kids, here is one that my kids and I did for Ryan before he got home. I thought this also can be a creative way to make cute Valentine's Day cards while occupying your kids with a task. This is a very simple project that only cost me $4. I bought the card board from the store that kids use for a science fair project. (I remember those days:) The rest of the items that I used were stuff around the house. (You can get pretty creative with these.)

Here Are 5 Simple Steps for This Crafty Project:

STEP 1: Using a pen, draw half of the heart along the folding line, that way when you cut it out you will have a full folding heart. I made two large hearts, but if you have more kids or you want to make more cards, just draw several small hearts along the folding line. I did mine free hand but if you want to be pretty perfect then print out a heart in the size that you want, cut it out and trace it against the cardboard.

STEP 2: Use a razor to cut the heart out. I used a cutting board underneath to make sure that I don't ruin our table. Because card board is pretty thick, it's a little more challenging to make it look perfect, so when you cut it out with the razor, you can use scissors to cut off the rough edges.

STEP 3: Cut out about 8 by 4 inch rectangles and fold in half. This is a size that I made for these oversized hearts, but if you're making smaller ones figure out how big the rectangles need to be so that that hearts don't tip over. Then, I folded them in half and made straight line cuts towards the back edges. see the pictures below. (halfway down)

This is what it looks like once you made all the cuts.

STEP 4: Have fun and decorate the hearts and the stands. If you have older children, this can be a very fun way for them to display their creativity by using markers, glue, glitter and paints that you have around the house. OPTIONAL: I used hand paints to paint the back of the hearts while my kids were napping so that it looks cleaner and not as busy.

STEP 5: How to create extending hands. This is something older kids can do on their own but if you have smaller children then you can help them by tracing both of their hands on thicker paper. I used some plain cards that I keep handy if I need to write a note to someone. Cut out the hands. Cut about 1 inch wide strips that are about 4-6 inches long and fold them in an accordion style. Use a glue stick or elmer's glue to stick them on to the hand and then to the heart.

This is what it looks like in the end or at least what our little artists created. LOL We folded them together and took them with us to meet Ryan at the airport. The kids enjoyed making them and Ryan was pleasantly surprised to receive these hugging hearts.

If you try these out with your kids, be sure to tag me on your socials. :)

Happy Valentine's Day and spread the love by sharing this with another mom.

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