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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

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This year as a part of my resolution I wanted to make more meals at home and come up with a few staple mea

ls that are easy to prep, especially for those busy days. If you love eggs, you will absolutely love this salad. It only requires a few ingredients and is very easy to put together.

I do have to say one of my favorite kitchen tools to use is this veggie chopper. I use it for many of my recipes including this one. This tool makes the chopping process super fast and easy.

Click the image to get this veggie chopper.

Let‘s get started.


  • 5-6 Medium Eggs

  • Bundle of Green Onion

  • Parmesan Hard Cheese Block

  • Pinch Salt and Pepper

  • Mayo


In a small pot boil about 5-6 eggs for about 10 minutes. Drain the water and fill it with ice and cold water. This helps the peel to seperate from the egg and cool off faster.

While the eggs are cooling, wash and chop the green onion into small rounds. Shave some parmesan cheese and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Use the veggie chopper to chop the eggs and mix into the rest of the mixture. Add mayo to your liking when you‘re ready to eat it. I personally like to eat it on a piece of a toast but you can also make an appetizer by serving it on a baguette.

You can store this salad in the fridge for a week as long as you don’t add any mayo. I usually just take out an amount that I want and add mayo so it that it’s nice and fresh.


Viktoriya Cole

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Whew, I haven’t been blogging for a while and I truly missed it. I think all of us are pretty busy with life and everything in between. I stepped away for a while just to refocus and that was so needed especially when you start feeling frustrated with your productivity.

Last year I helped Mila, who is my oldest child, start a new business, Mila’s Minnies. For anyone that knows Mila, can tell you that she is one unique kid. She’s very outgoing and loves being around people. I decided to help her start this business so that she can express her creativity but also learn what schools don’t teach our kids and that is how to be an entreprenuer.

Does she always have the desire to do these candles? Absolutley not! We’re not wanting to be forceful but we also want to teach her about hard work and how it will pay off in the end.

She’s only 6 years old and she’s doing really well. I have to say it has helped us bond with her as well. I truly believe that often times we underestimate our children. They are extremely sensitive and are smart from the very beginning. It is our responsibility to tap into our child’s gifts. This doesn’t mean that every kid needs to start a business but we definitely need to teach our kids about real life and how they can become contributing members of society.

I wanted to help Mila start this business to inspire others parents to help their children to express their creativity. Maybe it is a business or maybe it‘s just a passion for music or dance or cooking. There is a world of possibilities for your children and it is your job as a parent to help them to discover and cultivate those passions.

Does this mean that all of your kids will have the same passions? Absolutely not. It’s important to walk each of your children through this process. My son is completely different from Mila and I am sure as he continues to mature with age, we will need to help him discover those gifts as well. We don‘t love our kids equally, we love them uniquely and that’s how God loves us. He gives us everything we need to fulfill our purpose and calling.

I found that it is very helpful to get your kids involved with real life experiences. This is not to say that they should carry the pressure that an adult carries but over time it’s important for them to be equipped when they step into the real world. I remember pulling up to the bank and not knowing what the difference is between checking account and savings because no one told me. Let’s just say it was beyond embarrassing. We cannot assume as parents that your kids are just going to learn by themselves everything that they need to know. Sure, there are thing that they will pick up along the way but don’t we want our kids to be better off than us? Farther than us? I know I do.

I encourage you as a parent to help your child discover that creativity and if you’re an aunty or uncle or a mentor, you have that opportunity as well. To nudge them and cheer for them along the way.

If you would like to check Mila’s business page, you can click here.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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One of the things that some people would find surprising is that I am a very private person. Although, I post what seems like a lot of my life, it’s only a snippet of what I choose to share. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to paint a false narrative because all of it is 100% real me and my life, but I know that some things needs to be kept private and some just need some time before sharing with the world.

As we step into this new year, we are embracing many changes in our lives. All for the better of course. Honestly, it’s been a lot of changes these past few months but I know that God is working all things for our good, because I see His hand on it.

We wanted to share a little life update because it truly closes a door to an incredible season that we shared as a family. We have sold our house and are stepping into another incredible adventure. I know! It’s sad to say goodbye to something that you‘ve poured a lot work into and love, but I love that we get to pass it on to another family that will create new memories here. This house was special because we brought home our sweet baby boy Tobias. Both of our kids have grown-up here and it makes it harder because they understand more of what is going around them.

Last year we have stepped out by faith to pursue what God has called us to persue and that is marriage ministry. God has and is being faithful throughout this whole process. If you follow me or my husband on social media, you probably see a lot of what we are doing and much more that maybe you’re not seeing behind the scenes. Everything from our podcast, to our online courses, to books, to events, workshops, and so much more to empower people to discover their purpose, learn to date God’s way, and build a marriage that glorifies God. If you didn’t know this snippet about us, you can find out more on our website here

As our kids are getting older and starting school, I have also made a decision to pick up my Esthetician‘s license back up and work. I’ve had my license for over 8 years and had some great opportunities working at medical spas before I took a break to have kids. I recently received my lash certification and have really enjoyed seeing some of you receiving these

services by me. If you want to know more about my services and how to book me,

you can click here and it will take you to my instagram business page.

To wrap this now lengthy post, I wanted to go down a memory lane of a few of my projects that I did at this house. Thank you for following me on this journey as a stay at home Mom and a DIYer. This is not to say that I am hanging these hats up, but they are going to look a little different in this season. We are excited as this new chapter will open new doors for us to be able to minister to couples and families not only here locally but also around the world as we utilize social media to reach people around the world. We ask that you continue to pray for us and continue to follow us along this incredible journey.

We say goodbye to this season and hello to a new adventure.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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