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Baby #2 Maternity Photoshoot

Any woman will tell you that carrying a child is an incredible and at the same time a challenging process. Even if your pregnancies are a pure bliss, there is something about your body adjusting daily to accommodate the baby growing on the inside of you. You experience a lot of changes in your body and it happens at such a rapid pace that it's hard to convince your mind that they are normal and that you are growing a miracle on the inside of you. As mothers we make a lot of sacrifices including getting some major changes to our skin, hair and our whole body. I am not saying all this because I regret having children. Quite the opposite actually. It was my dream to have a family one day. It's just that there is nothing that prepares you for the moment when you actually do become a parent. Don't get me wrong reading books and doing your research helps tremendously but you really don't understand the full journey until you are actually on it. It's a bit of a beautiful chaotic mess all in one picture. 

Anyways, enough of this in-depth chit-chat and let us get down to viewing these pictures.

On another note, comment below and let me know how stepping into parenthood changed your perspective. If you don't have children yet, don't be shy and let me know how you picture parent life.

Create Coleture, Be YOU

Viktoriya Cole

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