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No Bake Energy Bites

If anyone in the world needs some energy right now, it's this girl right here. I am a bit sleep deprived and we all know where that leads. In fact, I am actually typing out this blog at 7am after being up for 3 hours already. Whoever said that Saturdays are for sleeping in must not have any kids and or a snoring husband. (Sorry babe not sorry.)

Anyways, back to the energy subject. I found this recipe on the back of a flax seed bag and you guys I've made at least one batch if not two every week. I started running about 2 months ago so I am really trying to watch what I'm eating so that all of my hard work doesn't go to waste. I tend to have a sweet tooth so these bites are a perfect way to satisfy that craving, give me a boost of energy, and actually serve as a healthy snack. So of course, I tried making this recipe several times and play with some variations and I have to say that this one ended up being my favorite.

These are perfect as a evening snack or on the go. Be sure to tag me, if you decide to try them. You may want to double the recipe because they will be gone in no time.

You can pin this recipe to your Pinterest board for easier access. You can get all of the ingredients for this recipe at Trader Joes or any of your local stores.


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Viktoriya Cole

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